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By cpday • Uncategorized • 23 Aug 2012

In 2009 while writing on his blog, College Park resident Joe Smith lamented that his city had many festivals and events hosted by the University of Maryland, College Park, but had very few activities showcasing what the city and its nearly 28,000 residents had to offer outside of campus.

Resident and now Council member Fazlul Kabir, also an active blogger, agreed that the city should have an event celebrating its diversity.

With the help of city officials and other residents, the two have since run with their ideas, helping to plan the inaugural College Park Day in 2010 to highlight the people, businesses and community groups that call the city home.

“The idea here is to celebrate everything that the city has to offer,” Smith said. “[We want to] hopefully show people that College Park is more dynamic than they think and that there’s more to the city than the University of Maryland.”

Part of the event’s inspiration came from the now-defunct Taste of College Park — an annual festival in the mid-2000s where residents sampled food from local restaurants. Council member Patrick Wojahn said the event provided an opportunity for fellowship, but struggled because it was often overshadowed by the university’s Maryland Day, which was often held on the same weekend and drew more than 50,000 people.

Kabir said he hopes College Park Day will become a longer-lasting tradition than its food-oriented predecessor. He added that he expects the event to help bring together an increasingly diverse city, which includes young professionals and retirees, and has seen increases in Hispanic and Muslim residents.

“Things have been changing. A new generation of people are coming in,” Kabir said. “We decided to do something which could actually bring everyone together.”
In 2011 a professional event planner came on board to help the committee in planning.  The event was a great success bringing over 2,000 visitors throughout the day with over 70 community and business exhibitors.

For 2012, we hope to grow the event and make it more robust for years to come.  There will be something for everyone at this year’s event.  For the first time Capital One Bank is sponsoring the local elementary school poster competition, and as a grand prize starting a college fund account in the winners name.  With the event is 4 days before Halloween, the event organizers are asking the exhibitors to participate in “safe trick or treating” for the area children who come dressed in costume.

For the area college student and adults we are enhancing the “green living” area with more exhibitors, showcasing local College Park Bands, and showcasing the local up and coming, savory and sweet cuisine of the area.

To become part of the planning committee, contact cpdayevents@gmail.com

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